It is all about food

About the things I like

Blank cookbook or writing book on a dark wood table with freshly baked muffins and ingredients.

To begin, it is all about food and this is why my blog was about food, and the most post is about the review. The idea of review food is really good thing. Sometimes we need to know what other people think. The review helps others to find out mistakes. Sometimes it helps to know what the best thing in the food.

3 things need to be improved


Writing a blog does not just mean sharing your idea with others. In fact, it means sharing the emotion as well, and that what I think people should work on. Another thing is that the person ought to write to other people not to him/herself. What I mean by that is like when you have to talk to kids, you cannot talk with them with advance words because they will not understand what you are saying. You will, in fact will speak to them in their level. The last thing is write what you love and love what you write.


One thought on “It is all about food

  1. So true! Finding your voice as a blogger is not an easy task at all. It takes time and patience, self reflection and practice. I also agree that finding a theme that you really love is essential. Food is a such a great topic because everyone can relate to it! People associate food with family, culture, fun, all kinds of emotions. Your blog did a great job of connecting with people through your love of food. Bon travail and bon appetit! đŸ™‚


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