Food sustainability and a solution

“Food sustainability”
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Nowadays, food becomes not just to feed people but also to help the environment, community health, and animals. These days, people have the idea of that food that is for all of the things that in the earth. The concept”Food sustainability” has the aim to achieve those targets. Food sustainability system causes the environment to be healthy.being known the benefits of food sustainability, people will have a good life due to the fact that everything around them will get the same benefits. Some people think that food sustainability and organic are the same. In fact, this is not true. Sustainability means that all environment, community health, and animals get benefits.
What should we do for our food?

To begin, some companies dealing with food just as business. This way of dealing with food causes such massive problems. However, what should we do to face this problems? One idea that has been suggested is that people ought to not eat form those kind of companies in order to decrease   their business. As soon noticing that their business has been declined, companies will change their ways in order to attract people and increase their business. There are some nutritionists who want some of companies to stop their ways of dealing with productions of food. However, this is not enough to achieve the goal. We as people have to work together in order to help the environment and the people.



One thought on “Food sustainability and a solution

  1. Your thoughts are super important because as Earth gets older and the population rises, sustainability is key to survival. I really like the way you connected your food theme with the idea of sustainability. This is a thoughtfully expressed post!


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