Fire of Brazil


To begin, the restaurant in which I ate last weekend was “Fire of Brazil  .” It a brazilian restaurant which is located 218 Peachtree St NW. I used to go there with my brazilian friends; those friends who took me first there, yet this time, I went with my Saudi friends. People who love meat are those who can go to this restaurant. However, vegetarian people are also welcome to see the big huge vegetarian buffet. In few words, this restaurant has different kinds of meat including pig, beef, and chicken.
The restaurant’s services were good; they will welcome you as a friend of them. I went there with other tree people. The server was very friendly asking whether or not we need something every time.
About the meat, there is not words describing the food. It is delicious food with a good smell. People who like really well-done cooked will not find that restaurant interested for them. I did tried the meat and the chicken, and they were good. About the drink, there is a special drink that is original form Brazil.
Last but not least, the praise is not that much for the lunch. It costs about $20 for having a buffet lunch. However, the dinner costs about $70. 
Overall, the restaurant is good with good food and good smell and servers.



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