Cooking, eating, and learning

Cooking, eating, and learning

Three things in my life make me happy. Cooking, friends, and family are those three that make me happy in my life.



Cooking is my hobby. In another words, I spend my free time cooking and preparing food. Some people think that cooking is something boring. However, creating new recipes is something I consider it is like an art, making something new and beautiful. Looking for people when they are happy due to your food is something cannot be explained in a few words.



What is after cooking? Eating is one of the most important things that makes me happy. It has been said the food that you make tests different than any other food.  Whenever I go, I would like to try new kinds of food. I like to try different kinds of food. Food is presenting some part of the culture. There are a lot of different kinds of food that I would like to try them all.



So after you finish cooking and eating, it is time to learn new things. Increasing the knowledge, these days, is really important. You can create new things by increasing your knowledge. Also, these days, everything is required to have some knowledge. Learning, in fact, has the ability to develop the brain.


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