An Arabic food Page but in English

Today is a different day. Today, we are going to move to someone else’s page. ‘Chef in disguise’ is the name of the page that we are going to talk about. First, I chose this page due to the fact it is in short term amazing. It is about food especially Arabic ones. The owner of the page is an Arabic woman that was born and grow up in Arab countries. However, why did I choose her? Well, her page is a really good page to learn how to cook Arabic food, but the most important thing is that it is in English. She explained everything about the food, and how we make it with picture. There is one thing that would be better if it was there, which included some videos. Everything else is perfect. She also writes about other stuff like travel. I recommend people to have a look to her page. I gave her 4.4/5.

This is the page

palestinian-maftool-couscous italian-spice-mix



One thought on “An Arabic food Page but in English

  1. Hi Amr,
    I really missing Arabic food, and I really liked your blog when you described that chef how she cooked and share pictures of food. Her blog came worldwide. I saw a lot of people did comments on her blogs with a lot of questions about food. Also, people are willing to learn from her and to take the recipes. Every time she post new type of food that include Saudi, Syrian, Lebanese, and Egyptian people get impressed. I will grantee that one day she will be on TV show. And she became famous chef.


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