I Believe in F&F

I believe in F&F


One of most important thing in life is the definition f&f. This definition is explained what is life. F&f means family and friends. Each of those words has different way to express the idea. To begin, family where we spend most of our childhood with them is the peaceful place. Those people will not leave alone. No words can express what is really mean a family. The mercy for example is in the family. There is no one in the word have the same feeling of your family. When you are sick, only your family will be next to you all the time till you be good. I will not talk about the mother or the father because there are no space in the word fit and enough words to describe them, but the family is the sense of life. The other part of the expression f&f is friends. For sure friends are not like the family, but in fact those people are your outside family. A friend means that one of your family member who does not belong to them. It is said that for a friend ‘a brother who is not my mother’s son.’ Most of the crazy moments in your life are with you friends. However, both F&F are important to complete the life. Once one of them is missing, the other one will be next to you. They will not leave you alone. In fact, you cannot choose your family, but you can choose your friend. The good choice of your friends means the happiness for your future life. If you have now a family or friends do not lose them. You will not understand and realize how they are very important till you lose them. In two words, love them .



3 thoughts on “I Believe in F&F

  1. It was a good this I believe. What I got impressed was the part that family and friends are not the people who can be chosen. I thought friends can be chosen. But after thinking, I found it is a really wrong to choose them, which means we see them not on their inner side, but on their outside like appearance or other conditions.


  2. Yes, family and friends are a great thing in our lives. When you face or suffer from a difficult situation, you will find them behind you and support you financially or emotionally, or they offer pieces of advice in attempting to help you, you have to do the same.


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