What Dose Chef Mean ?


A good chef does not just mean a good cooker. To begin, I will illustrate the definition ‘chef’ to two meanings. The first one is the word chef as a professional. A professional chef is the person who works as a chef. He/she earns money form that job. He/she might spend most of their time cooking and preparing food. We do not talk here about normal workers whose job is serving or papering what other chefs have made. That was the first definition of the word chef.

The second definition for the word ‘chef’ is the person who just like to cook. He/she does not spend most of her/his time cooking. It is like a hobby for him/her. Whenever she/he wants to cook, the kitchen is opened for him/her. Those people who deal with the cooking as a happy often cook for them or a few people around them. This is what most people are, a normal chef.


However, there are some different levels between those chefs. There are some who are normal chefs, but they are really close to be professions if they spend their time cooking. Also, there are some professions chef who are truly good. They gain lots of money. Their lives are just for food.


One thought on “What Dose Chef Mean ?

  1. That is so interesting when see a chef who loves his/her work because they will do as much as they can do to make the food so delicious, and they will never get bored from cooking. I hope to be a professional chef in my house.


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