when your mom want to leave


Once upon a time, my mom unfortunately had to leave the home to my uncle’s house for several days to visit him in another city. The home was without anyone who could have taken care of it. My father, who knew nothing about cooking, my brother, who could only cook eggs, and I, who was helping mom preparing food, were the only people who were in the house. My mom left, and everything was peaceful. She made meals for us for the time that she would not be home.  later, we got a call from my mom telling us ,however, that my uncle had a problem. He had to do a surgery, but the doctor said that it was easy. Therefore, my mom was not worried due to the doctor words and she did that surgery before. It was really a bad news for us. Not just because my uncle would have had to surgery but because we do not have food. I mean homemade food. Everything was fine. We were eating outside all the time till we got a call telling that my mom will come. Then, I decided unfortunately to make some food by myself. I had no experiences expect helping my mom when she needed me.


I entered the kitchen. I open my mom’s book of recipes and began doing with it was said. I did everything alone. Finally, the food was ready to test. My father went to pick my mom home. I tried the food. It was really delicious but not for people or animal. My mom almost came and nothing was prepared, of course the thing that I made is not considered as food. My father, the hero, bought some food when he picked my mom due to the fact that I did not tell anyone that I would cook. After when we finished eating, my mom found out what I did. Later on, I found the mistake that I did was that I was not know the spices, and I was putting something the wrong once.


2 thoughts on “when your mom want to leave

  1. I really liked what you did for mom. What a nice surprised, but your surprised was not complete because you did make it. The step you made is really helpful that you realized that you cook. I believe that now you learned a lot from your mom and cooking books. I really want to learn from you how to cook so that I can help my wife and myself when I become hungry. As you know in our culture not all Saudis men can cook. Keep going and develop yourself more.


  2. Heheheh I am glad that you didn’t tell anyone, but at least you have tried to do something for your mom. That’s really a nice move by it self.


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