why,how,what and goals

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My story that landed me here at the language institute was a really good story. It began in Saudi Arabia when I obtained a scholarship form my country. To begin,I have obtained a scholarship from my government . I was not sure which city was good to go to, yet I chose Atlanta as the city that I would like to study in, for one of my best friends was in Atlanta. Then, I chose the Language Institute so that I can improve my English skills faster. The reason for choosing the Language Institute as the place to study was that it was considered as one of the best schools in Atlanta. My goal is to speak like native speakers and understand anything in English. it may seem impossible for some non-English speakers, but I believe that one day, I will do it . In fact, I would like to complete studying in the U.S., and I hope that I enter a college soon.


3 thoughts on “why,how,what and goals

  1. Hey, Amr! Be sure that choosing the language institute as your new school in Atlanta was the best decision you could make. Speaking as a native English speaker is really, yet it requires a lot of hardworking from a learner. However, I am completely sure you’re gonna reach out your goal in a really short time, since your writing skills are really good. Keep rockin’, my friend!


  2. Hey Amr, always having clear goals is a great thing. With a lot of practicing, one day you will speak like native speakers. Have you read about SMART goals? you should go and google it. it’s so interesting and helpful topic. Good Luck 🙂


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