About me


My name is Amr Dahman. I grew up in Jeddah, a beautiful city located in Saudi Arabia with a lot of different kinds of restaurants. I have studied and traveled to several places beginning from my hometown, Saudi Arabia, and it will not be ended. I love math and cooking. I like to know how everything works. I came to the US in 2014. I have been studying English since I came. My goal is to try new things and live all the parts of the life. In my free time, I like to cook.  I learned how to cook when I was 6 years old, and since I came in the U.S., my skill has increased. I do not consider myself as a profession chef. I am not more an amateur. I like to try different kinds of food and passionate about how the food is cooked. Sometimes, I like to try new recipes or even create new ones.

So what are you looking for in my blog?

Here, I will post anything that is related to food. Restaurants, recipes, chefs and more and more.


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